i was wondering if someone can help me out with the following.
I have a the maintimeline with on it a movieclip. Inside this movieclip is a png, that I would like to trace as a bitmap.

I can't seem to target the png that is nested in the movieclip. If i understand correctly I will first need to get it the timeline of the png holder clip from the library and then select the frame. Here is my code which throws a "selection: Argument number 1 is invalid."

var doc = fl.getDocumentDOM();
var library = doc.library;
var items = library.items.concat();

i = items.length;

while (i--)
    var item = items[i];
    if (item.itemType == 'bitmap')
        var imageName = item.name.split('.')[0];
        var image = doc.getTimeline().layers[0].frames[0].elements[0];
                doc.selection = image
                doc.traceBitmap(100, 100 , 'normal' , 'normal');

Hope someone can help!

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