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Nice addition, thanks for pointing to it.
Frankly, I'd prefer to avoid calling commitProperties() after *each*
of the setters...
Anyway, this way looks better than my enter_frame trick :-)

However, the problem " none of the setters are called if no
inspectable params were changed" still remains. So we have to
duplicate default values in [Inspectable] and constructor/declaration
(or some init function)

You shouldn't rely on them as "init" properties (if that makes sense) but as a way for "a user" to changed them "visually" (in the IDE). So yes, you have to define defaultValue="blah", but I guess that's because Flash (the IDE) has no way of knowing what the corresponding internal property is (if any).

private var _prop:String = "Hello";
public function set prop(value:String):void {

Personally I don't see that as a huge problem.

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