By default, most content generated by server side languages don't carry
along cache information in the http response header. But you can add them
manually, so the client can decide whether to use a cached copy of the
resource or request a fresh one.

Check this link:

Juan Pablo Califano
2009/4/4 Pavel Repkin <>

> Hey!
> My program loads XML data from the server.
> I want the data to cache, so the loading happens only once.
> When I load a simple xml file from the server, the caching works like a
> charm.
> But when I load xml from a Perl script response, the cache does not work.
> The data are being loaded every time I call XML.load(...)
> The request URL is simple and does not change over time: "
> Do you know why caching does not work for script response?
> Is it possible to make it work?
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