Am Freitag, den 17.04.2009, 12:58 -0400 schrieb Lou Klepner:
> ?values=1|2|3
> When I call it using LoadVariables, the pipe symbol is being URL- 
> encoded, and the web-service ends up receiving this request -
> ?values=1%7c2%7c3
> Unfortunately the webservice is outside my control and I can't url- 
> decode its input. Is there anyway to prevent LoadVariables from  
> altering the pipe symbol?

Do you mean LoadVars or MovieClip.loadVariables?

If LoadVars, then yes, but it isn't very nice. LoadVars.send() probably
calls LoadVars.toString(), which definitely calls _global.escape().
Redefine _global.escape:

_global.escape = function(str) { return str; };

And when you call LoadVars.send(), the string won't be encoded
(at all), and neither will anything else unless you restore it to what
it was.

A similar thing likely applies to MovieClip.loadVariables.

Of course, a better way would be to fix the server.


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