My guess is that if it's iterating through a loop to load, I would imagine that the loader objects are being lost in the loop by getting de-referenced and are getting garbage collected. If this is what's happening, you would probably have to put your loader objects in a stack or array so they don't get de-referenced, and then do some housekeeping to remove them once they have been loaded.


Anthony Pace wrote:
Without looking through your code:

   * For alignment of the thumbnail container, you could be waiting
     until after everything has loaded inside before asking it to
     change it's y position.
   * For the thumbs not loading properly, that could be caused by your
     load order...  Your downloads are racing each other.  Things need
     to be loaded in sequence for stability; yet, you are, if I am not
     mistaken, downloading everything at once in a loop, not waiting
     until one thing downloads until you go to the next; yet, in your
     display, you are making it wait.  Flash lets you send multiple
     requests at once and does not automatically que your requests, in
     the sense that only one can happen at a time; therefore, if
     something needs to load in sequence, you need to put safeguards in
     your code to ensure that things get loaded in order of priority.

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