Hi List,

I don't have a solution for this (I wish...), but a question.
I try to understand the the use of bitmaps.
If I understand correctly, it is used to edit pixels of a loaded image.
But if there is nothing to edit, what is the benefit of using Bitmap???
Or maybe I should ask: When use Bitmap and when not?

Kind regards

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Subject: [Flashcoders] dynamically attached not smoothing using BitmapData?

Hey guys

I'm having a problem with using smoothing on my loaded bitmap images with
AS3 and I was wondering if you could help, please?

Here is my code:
        private function sendImageLoadEvent(e:Event):void
            var nCurImg:Number         = _arImageArray.length;

            var bmp:Bitmap             = e.target.content as Bitmap;
            bmp.smoothing = true;

            // create scale / offset
            var bmp_xscale:Number     = stage.stageWidth / bmp.width;
            var bmp_yscale:Number     = stage.stageHeight / bmp.height;
            var bmp_scale:Number     = Math.min(bmp_xscale, bmp_yscale);
            var bmp_scaledWidth:Number         = bmp.width * bmp_scale;
            var bmp_scaledHeight:Number     = bmp.height * bmp_scale;
            var bmp_xshift:Number     = (stage.stageWidth - bmp_scaledWidth)
/ 2;
            var bmp_yshift:Number     = (stage.stageHeight -
bmp_scaledHeight) / 2;

            var bmpMatrix:Matrix     = new Matrix(bmp_scale, 0, 0,
bmp_scale, bmp_xshift, bmp_yshift);

            var bmpImage:BitmapData = new BitmapData(stage.stageWidth,
stage.stageHeight, false, 0x000000);
            bmpImage.draw(bmp, bmpMatrix, null, null, null, true);
            bmp.bitmapData             = bmpImage;
            bmp.smoothing = true;

            _arImageArray[nCurImg]     = new Sprite();

I saw on grant skinners blog that adding a bitmapData property to a Bitmap
object will remove the smoothing property so that is why I'm re-applying the
smoothing to see if that makes a difference

It seems like this is quite a buggy thing to do (based on the amount of
unresolved forum hits in google) but i'd like to see if there's a solution.

Could it be the size of the images (ie Is there a maximum size to scale from
/ to / by)? Anything you've learned could be helpful.

Thanks for your help in advance
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