I couldn't send the .rar file with the code to the list...so I'm sending
just the text this time!Thanks in advance,

2009/6/4 Isaac Alves <isaacal...@gmail.com>

> Thanks Anthony and Jordan for your responses, I´ll send you the files so
> you can look around if you have the time.
> I´ve reorganized the loading objects so they load now in queue. The small
> thumbs, the big ones , then the full images.
> But eventually the user will click in a thumbnail in order to load an image
> that it´s not yet loaded, so at this moment I believe that it will be forced
> to load 2 images at the same time ( and even a lot, if an user decides to
> click in many thumbs in a row,  especially with a slow internet connection
> !)
> I´d like to know also how could I do the "housekeeping ", after loading the
> images... I´ve tried to set some variables to  "null" but it doesn´t work...
> and I´ve tried not to forget to remove the unnecessary listeners.
> So, again , thanks a lot !
> Isaac
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