This is exactly how Gaia works. goto() calls setValue on SWFAddress and the response is dispatched to the framework to handle the navigation. Interrupts are handled in both loading and transitions. It's open source, so you're welcome to examine how it's done in Gaia.

On Jun 16, 2009, at 1:08 PM, Glen Pike wrote:

I see what you mean by setting a future date on the FWA site - I managed to screw up the history completely (FF2 WinXP) so got stuck forever on that date a bit like Groundhog Day :) I think the only way to deal with fast browsing is to allow your loading / transition process to be interrupted if you keep getting changes from SWFAddress. Personally, I have not really thought about this in my stuff before, but the way you said you were approaching the SWFAddress bit seemed sensible to me - going a round- about way by setting the URL when you navigate in Flash then responding to the change via SWFAddress. This seems much "safer" because everything goes through a single route.

There is a nice example of doing the dynamic thing with PHP in the SWFAddress examples. You can even tweak the whole site with Apache & mod_rewrite to get "pretty" URL's - this may / may not work with Zend AMF quite nicely so download and examine this example: which seems to be the smoothest one.

If you are worried about fast clicking, have a look to see how an HTML site behaves with this - I guess you get half-assed page loading, etc. But people expect to wait a bit for something to load if they go back & forth, you just have to be prepared to "interrupt" what you are doing (I should probably take my own advice here and make sure my SWFAddress site behaves nicely)

Hope this helps and if you come up with any interesting stuff, let us know!


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