cuePoint event object has "info" property, which is an object contains properties such as "name", "time", and "type". In your situation you would just fire some actions depending on the name of the cue point.

Kenneth Kawamoto

Sam Brown wrote:
Hi list,

Quick question that should be straightforward, but I'm having trouble
finding the answer in the help docs:

I've got a video with embedded event cue points in it.This is an FLV
component with instance name myVid.

I can fire events via

which works fine, but I want to listen directly for the individual cue
points by name. Is there a CUE_POINT.NAME property or something similar that
will allow me to fire events based on the cue point name:string?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


PS. should I embed the cue point as Navigation cue point as opposed to Event
cue points?
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