Thanks Leandro. I took an initial look at this, but got scared off by the fact that this is going to make mouseUp/Down/Enter/Leave and click detection really complicated, much more complicated than anything I've ever had to deal with before. There will be follow-up questions, but first I need to start a new thread.

Leandro Ferreira wrote:

  Leandro Ferreira

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 19:21, Andrew Sinning <>wrote:

If I draw a circle using the Graphics and Shape classes, and then add the
shape to a sprite, I can use the sprite for the hitArea of another sprite
and it works just fine.  Everything within the circle is a hit, everything
outside of it is a miss.

However, if I create a sprite containing a Bitmap drawn from this same
circle and try to use this sprite for the hitArea, the entire rectangle
becomes the hit area.  I've played around with different alpha-levels, using
white and black, and using the opaqueBackground setting.  Nothing seems to
work.  Am i missing  something or is this a known limitation?

I'm using AS3 under Flash CS3.

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