Hello fellows,
I've bought at Flash Den a code of an Infinite Level Menu (from MBMedia) and
I'm pulling my hair out.

It throws that well known error as the text of the button doesn't show when
it should:

“TypeError: Error #1009: cannot access a  property or method of a null
object reference. at local.display:rimaryButton/frame7()”
That without touching the code or elements on the stage. Actually, if inside
the main.fla file, I go inside the Expanding Menu and then inside the
Primary Button MovieClip and select the text field and at that point I test
the movie, it works correctly. As long as I leave the Primary Button
movieclip and test the movie, it throws that error again!

Obs: It is not actually " randomly" that it  throws that error. I've tried a
thousand times to test the movie within a certain "state " , that means,foe
example, when I'm iinside a certain movieclip  with the textfield selected.
and in that specific situation it always throws (or not) the error.

You know, I select a movieclip , test Movie and it works. I deselect it,
test movie  and it doesn't . Its seems like a bug... that's very bizarre.

Please help !!!
Thanks a lot,
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