Is there any workaround to the issue with Adobe Flash where a Flash Movie
does not receive a MOUSE_LEAVE event if the mouse is dragged outside of the
movie? Neither when i MOUSE_UP outside the stage.

stage.addEventListener(Event.MOUSE_LEAVE, dropIt);

function dropIt(e1:MouseEvent = null, e2:Event = null):void {
    textField.text = " OK ";  // extreme debug method
    stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt);
    stage.removeEventListener(Event.MOUSE_LEAVE, dropIt);

That actually works when I run the SWF file, and even on IE.

But on Firefox and Chrome nothing happens, it continues dragging the
MovieClip when the cursor returns to stage. The dropIt function doesn´t run
( the textField.text doesn´t update)

Thanks a lot!
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