I would lke to know if I can manage the content of multiple frames without
having to create a script for each frame.

This is part of a type of "powerpoint style" presentation in flash. another
time I'll certainly try to do it by loading everything in the XML, and no
frame Nav. then the listener should not only tween the textfields and
movieclips, but also get the values of these objects by xml.

a mouse click calls a function that fades out a textfield in a frame, go to
another frame and fades in the textfield that is in that frame.


function changeFrame(e):void
        if (_txt){
                new GTween(_txt, 0.3 ,{alpha:0});
        var timer:Timer = new Timer(300, 1);
        timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, function(){
                e.target.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, updateFrame);

function updateFrame(e:Event):void

        if (_txt){
                _txt.alpha =0;
                new GTween(_txt, fadeDuration ,{alpha:1});


        e.target.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, updateFrame);

when it changes frame, the actual movieclip or textfield will be there with
alpha 1. so it blinks, between the two alpha animations.

the fade should function with many movieclips, some of which won't exist in
every frame, that's why the verification ( if (!_txt)... ) But for the
moment I'm doing it like this.

I surely don't want to write scripts in every frame, so that's the reason I
wrote the code like this.

And anyway, I somehow feel that I shouldn't do it that way. What do you
people think about it ?

Thanks in advance !
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