I'd like to have a function that tells a MovieClip to go to a specific
frame and then in this frame, look for a scpecific tag in an XML file,
based on the frame's label, and then take some text (a  bunch of
actually) that is in the XML node and put it on a TextField.

For example, clicking on a "Next Frame" button it will go to the next
frame (which has a label "intro") of the movieclip and then search
"content.xml" for the tag that contains the attribute name equal to
"intro" and then put the content of the "....@text" node into an empty
TextField that is already positioned in this "intro" frame.

Am I obligated to have the code in this specfic frame?

I'm doing it because if I have too much text within textfields in an
FLA file it becomes incredibly lagged and therefore impossible to

I've tried to use the event ENTER.FRAME to do that but it rendered the
SWF lagged and consomming way too much memory...

Help !! Thanks in advance!!
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