In the following code, i tell the Flash runtime to go to frame2 and
update the content of this frame.

The problem is that, the first time this function runs it throws the error:

TypeError: Error #1009:

I believe that happens because it tries to update "container._tit"
before render the screen, so it will be still in frame 1. It goes to
frame 2 but doesn't update the _tit textfield.

I've tried to solve it this way: instead of using gotoAndStop(2) i've
called another functiion with that statement and updateAfterEvent();

but it seems that it is not a method of the Event class.

Any solution ??
thanks in advance!!

function updateContent(e:Event):void {

        link = String(e.target.frameLink);
        counter = 0;
        if (content[link].tit != undefined)
                container._tit.text = content[link].tit;
                counter ++;
                container._tit.text = "";
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