Good morning,

I´ve been experiencing some problems with swf files.

First one:

In this website, the logo and menu animations work nice when the home
page is loaded (index.php)
But in the internal pages (i.e: index.php?cmd=eventos) the animation
doesn´t happen.

The header swf file doesn´t receive any parameter in the internal pages.
What-s going on?

Second problem:

In this website, the menu works perfectly in the internal server of
our network, and in this case, the swf file receives a parameter to
highlight the menu item of the page that is currently opened.
Unfortunatelly I cannot give you access to it, but I can send the fla
and swf file , just in case.

But on this page it just doesn´t work:

In Firefox, the swf gets loaded but the links doesn´t work, and the
animations sometimes stuck. In IE6, the swf doesn´t even get loaded
and it throws an error.

Thanks a lot !!

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