Hi, both problems solved!

The first one was easy, actually there was a conditional that was
stopping the animation whenever the swf file was loaded inside an
internal page, that is, not the home page. ( I didnĀ“t realize it
before cause the code was a bit messy and was made by someone else).

The second problem was tricky. There swf was embedded via jQuery (see
code below) and there were some javascript functions inside the same
file that were stopping the swf file to be loaded inside IE6. So we
had to check the functions one by one to see which ones were stopping
the swf to load.

hope this will help someone else .


        var cmdpaginaflash = $('#flashvar_cmd').val();
        var langpaginaflash = $('#lang').val();
        // Menu
                swf: 'swf/nav.swf',
                width: 208,
                height: 231,
                wmode: 'transparent',
                expressInstall: true,
                flashvars: {
                        cmd: cmdpaginaflash,
                        lang: langpaginaflash

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