I´m sorry but the only reply I-ve found from you here (at least on
this topic) was this one where you talked about checking the xml file,
and I-ve only received it now, actually 45 minutes ago in my gmail

That aside I try to answer all the replies, but since I-ve been doing
so much work I believe some I don´t have the time or forget to answer
and there are maybe some that I don´t even notice ...

Anyway I appreciate your help and I-m sorry for that!

ps: Sometimes I get kind of lost on this list, and I believe I haven´t
been using it correctly actually, for example, I have a doubt on how
to reply a message and include the original message in a way that I
don´t need to copy and paste the message, thus have the replied
message with the characters ">" in front of the lines and all that...

ps2: I solved this swf issue (you can see the message 9 on the issue n 25)

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