Keith, Karl,
thanks, I have a clearer understanding now.

File structure; Frame labels on timeline order = mmPretzel, 
3Musketeers_truffle, MilkyWay_Caramel, mmCO, mmCherry, Twix_java, VOTE, mmPB, 
Animations are setup to play to the end of one then bounce over to the next one 
in the final array.
What I am trying to get on gotoAndPlay is "mmPretzel" and "3Musketeers_truffle" 
always play 1st and 2nd, then a random pick from the remaining 7 would play as 
3rd, followed by the 4th item in the array and so forth.

My current trace statements = 
trace(b) = mmCherry, mmPB,mmCO, MilkyWay_Caramel, VOTE, Twix_java, NASCAR.
trace(mOnemTwo) = mmPretzel, 3Musketeers_truffle, mmCherry, mmPB, mmCO, 
MilkyWay_Caramel, VOTE, Twix_java, NASCAR.

play result = mmPretzel, 3Musketeers_truffle, MilkyWay_Caramel, mmCO, mmCherry, 
Twix_java, VOTE, mmPB, NASCAR (original order on timeline) 

On May 11, 2010, at 11:56 PM, Keith Reinfeld wrote:

> Don, 
> Yes, Karl is correct. In my post 'index' is a variable of type Number which
> you would increment upon successive calls to function goOn(). You access
> elements of an array by using the array access operator '[]'. The indices of
> arrays are zero based, so the index of the first element is 0, the index of
> the second element is 1, the index of the third element is 2, and so on. You
> can use the length property of an array to find out how many elements there
> are in the array. In your case you have an array with 9 elements so you
> would want to use index values between 0 and 8. Note that mOnemTwo.length
> (9) is one higher than the highest index value you can use with this array
> (8). The sample code below includes an if/else block to manage index values.
> // initialize index 
> var index:Number = 0; 
> function goOn(){ 
>       gotoAndPlay(mOnemTwo[index]); 
>       // manage the index 
>       if(index < mOnemTwo.length - 1){ 
>               // increment index by one 
>               index++; 
>       }else{ 
>               // set index back to zero 
>               index = 0; 
>       } 
> }; 
> I have to echo Karl's questions about how you are planning to make
> subsequent calls to function goOn(). What you have, setTimeout(goOn,+8),
> will kick off the first one (although I don't understand the '+8' in the
> delay parameter) but what about the rest? Any suggestions I could make here
> would be pure guesswork without knowing more about the structure of your
> file. 
> Regards, 
> Keith Reinfeld
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