Karina Steffens wrote:

> I actually wrote one from scratch a year ago for a client. My first AS3
> project. Never got paid for it, though :-(

Yeah, I've had a couple of those in my career, too. Sometimes it's
worth the effort to go after them, but usually not. I think I've had
about US$4,000-5,000 in unpaid invoices over the years, which really
isn't bad.

I don't know how the system works in Ireland, but in the U.S. we have
something called small claims court, for disputes under $10,000. No
lawyers are allowed--just the judge. I'm polite for the first 3-4
months, but after that I'm not going to accept any more business from
them anyway. The mere threat of taking them to court is usually enough
to make them cough up the money.


Kerry Thompson
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