<quote>found this in 0.25 seconds, but didn't download to check it:</quote>
Yes, Eric, I also found that link in 0.25 seconds, and the download stopped at 
31% each of the 3 times I tried to download it. Your response was rude and 


Maybe you should consider that some of the people that post here do search on 
Google before posting. In fact, I spent a significant amount of time on several 
search engines looking for this, and I was unable to find what I was looking 
for. As I indicated in my original post, I found lots of emulators, but that's 
not what I want to do. I also found several references to the PushButton engine 
version, but that won't work for me either.


Anyway, thanks to everyone else who responded. I finally found what I was 
looking for. 

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