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There is this idea that was articulated by an old timer - an ex-bank CEO - on Bill Moyer's show a few weeks ago, that companies and running companies used to be about product and solving customers' problems - great loan products if you are are a banker, or Flash and great tools if you run Adobe. But these days business culture has changed to be primarily about profit, to the point where you actually get Kudos for gloating about how much money you were able to stock pile this quarter, instead of what great products you created, or how many customers you satisfied.

This is a sad state of affairs that affects more than just Adobe, though they seem to have slipped into that black hole of profit gloating just like so many other American corporations. And the CEOs probably get real social kudos for that money gloating at their cocktail parties.

Personally, I'll stay focused on products and customers, and hope that's enough to help change the culture back. I'm pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole though. I can only hope these old ideas will see some kind of revival at that corporate board and CEO level of American culture.

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