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The Intel boards don't playnice with dual-head GFX though.  We had lots
of fun trying to do the Flash App on a touchscreen and play video on a
huge display

The way I've solved that is by using a Flash front end that sends data through the serial port to Alcorn McBride or Technovision video players. The former are rock solid 24/7, high operating temperature range, high datarate capable, seamless loops and play lists, well documented, and run forever. Technovision HD players are 1/6th the cost, less capable, have a .3 second blackout during search, but also run forever. Technovision devices are much smaller, which is sometimes useful in space challenged installations.

Have had both running in museums continuously for more than 10 years.

When these installs fail, it's almost always a PC hard drive isssue. For us it's problematic since the installations may be 12 time zones distant. That problem is going away since we've been using SSDs for the last couple years.

Randy Tinfow

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