To have an idea what SCROM and LMS are, I recommend to read some explanation in the moodle (as the most common LMS) docs:

When its only about video or flv:

To test your content:

We use to work with Adobe Captivate. Its not part of the Cloud, but a trial is available.
in case you are german:

Am 15.01.2013 12:03, schrieb Hans Wichman:
Hi list,

assuming I have a flash movie which communicates with a custom CMS, what would need to be done to make it scorm compliant?

As far as I can tell, I'll need some scorm as classes to communicatie with the wrapper, but how can I test whether everything works, etc, I have absolutely no experience with LMSes etc and to me it's kind of hazy how everything fits together, which in turn makes it hard to know where to start/look. Is there a definite scorm specs, which will work with any LMS, so that I can simply pick a free open source LMS somewhere to test my development progress?

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