So if CC no longer supports TLF, is there any long-term option in Flash for 
right-to-left text?
Will Flex support TLF, and/or have other options for RTL support?

This is something I haven't delved into yet, but may come up soon for a 
project.  It would be good to start in with a long-term path, even if we 
continue to use CS6 for now!


On Aug 28, 2013, at 9:00 AM, wrote:

> I noticed that Flash CC no longer supports TLF, which I found gratifying - as 
> I had lost tons of hours dealing with it, while on deadline no less.
> So, good luck, as it sounds as if your application requires TLF!!! But if you 
> weren't too far committed, I thought this bit of history might help you in 
> your decision making to use the api at all.

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