On 14.10.2016 21:24, David Hendricks wrote:
> What exactly are you trying to do? How do you plan to use the CC3200?
> How is the flash memory connected / accessed?
> TI has some information about flashing it
> here: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC31xx_%26_CC32xx_FTDI_Flashing
> If you'd like, you can try adding support for the FTDI chip in
> ft2232_spi.c.

There are various existing open source tools based on libftdi which
write the EEPROM which does the same thing as FT_PROG. Please note that
FT_PROG writes the configuation EEPROM of the FTDI chip, not the flash
chip storing the firmware of the CC3100/CC3200.

> If the FTDI D2XX is significantly different you can create a new file
> (ftdi_d2xx.c, for example), and use ft2232_spi.c as a template.

I think the FTDI D2XX library has a license incompatible with flashrom.

If you want to replace TI CCS UniFlash with flashrom, it would make
sense to check if any protocol documentation for the UART-based flashing
exists. In that case you won't need D2XX or libftdi.


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