I have a question regarding a recent issue with flashrom not identifying an 
EEPROM chip that it formerly was able to program.

We have been doing some BIOS testing at my organization by installing a custom 
AMI BIOS on a W25Q128FV BIOS chipset.  Most recently I recovered the BIOS using 
flashrom and the BusPirate programmer in order to flash a known good BIOS which 
was successful.  I then booted and used the AFUDOS tool to flash a custom ROM 
image.  I did this by invoking the '/P' AFUDOS option to "theoretically" only 
program the custom BIOS image into the main BIOS image region, leaving the FDT, 
ME and reserved regions intact.  Despite selecting only the BIOS region during 
this process, the AFUDOS tool listed many onscreen steps involving 
erasing/verifying many regions (including ME, FDT, NVRAM, etc.) but seemed to 
exit out cleanly after flashing.  Now the board will not boot and the 
flashrom/BusPirate combo is failing to discover the W25Q128FV chip when I 
attempt to recover to the known good ROM.

My primary question is then, is there anything that may have been done, either 
in general or specific to the AFUDOS /P command, that may have done something 
to the EEPROM that would cause flashrom to fail to identify it?  I am not an 
expert in EEPROM chip technology and am not quite sure whether the last 
reprogram could have done something or if the problem is something else that 
just coincided with the last flash.  What types of problems could cause 
flashrom to fail to identify an EEPROM that it was previously able to find?  We 
have already verified the electrical contacts on our SOIC clip and since we 
were able to identify/program immediately prior to this we can assume we do not 
suffer from in circuit capacitance issues on VCC.

Thanks in advance,

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