Hello Bruno,

On 21.02.2018 03:42, Bruno Doutriaux - ABCD Informatique wrote:
> hello,
> I tried using flashrom 0.9.9 on debian stretch i686
> i typed flashrom --programmer internal -r out.rom
> then the same but with -w 315.rom
> but they both failed
> ------------------
> output: found winbond super i/o id 0x60
> and chipset via vt8237(r)
> enabling flash write ok
> no eeprom/flash device found
> note: flashrom can never write if the flashchip isn't found automatically
> -----------------

I'm afraid this is not enough information to say anything. Though,
I suspect that flashrom just doesn't know your chip (yet). Please
capture a verbose log (just `flashrom -p internal -o logfile.txt`) and
report back.

> it's an old hp pc
> pavilion t817.fr
> i have the new rom file
> motherboard is an asus a7v8x-LA
> firefox won't let me access https://paste.flashrom.org

Yes, that often makes trouble (the website is sometimes misconfigured
and Firefox, like most other browsers, is broken regarding reasonable
TLS security anyway). Please use another paste service, or just attach
your log to an email.


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