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On 03/13/2018 04:06 PM, Nico Huber wrote:
Hi Micheal,

You seem to still be on the staging branch. We have moved development
to a master branch by now and abandoned staging. You should rebase
on master (where some changes regarding 4-byte addressing were merged).
OK, does this look better: flashrom p1.0-22-g0bfa819 on Linux 4.14.24-v7+ (armv7l)?

Your patch:
You have to set at least FEATURE_4BA_NATIVE. The chip also supports an
extended address register and a 4BA mode with legacy instructions; but
the commands differ from what is already implemented for other chips. If
you don't want to look into it, I can provide a patch in case you would
agree to test it?
yes, please!

FEATURE_4BA_NATIVE and a native erase block function below should
already work with linux_spi.

The datasheet and the comment above suggest this would be 64KiB sectors
not 128KiB? any reference for the 128?
wild guess- double almost every value found?

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