Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I did not specifically write down the 
changes I made in a document. However, you may check the commit history at my 
“flashrom for DOS” port repository here 
<https://github.com/HowardHo2021/flashrom-DOS-port> . If you wish, you can 
clone that repository and follow the instructions I wrote in “README_DOS” to 
compile your own copy.


For future correspondence, please use howardho2...@gmail.com 
<mailto:howardho2...@gmail.com>  instead.




From: Rahngue NGARIERA <youeto...@gmail.com> 
Sent: Saturday, April 3, 2021 11:58 PM
Subject: Changes made for FlashRom DOS port


Hi HowardHo. I haven't seen your list of changes to the original FlashRom (to 
get a working DOS port) on your Git pages. Could you please post them there or 
email it to me? I'd very much like to know. 'Cause I wasn't able to get it done 
with the original FlashRom.

Thanks for your help,



PS:  As you advised me, I sent my Read/Probe failure email to FlashRom.org  And 
I'm waiting for their answer.

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