Hi all,
I am new to this flent tool.
I am doing a project and I need to measure some quantities of interest
My project involve the studying impact of various open source VPN on
Bandwidth and energy requirements.

I have few questions.
1. Is netperf or perf requried before installing flent?
Though I have install flent on my both systems and ping with flent works
Still my knowledge of the software is limited.

2. How can measure the following quantities:
    A. Latency between peer to peer communication.(one side and other side)
    B. Packet processing time on host nodes running linux OS.
    C. Memory requirement to process packets
    D. Energy consumption during the communication
    E. Energy consumption per single packet processing.
    F. Bandwidth requirement between two peers for specific protocol

3. How can I edit or add python or other code to measure custom created

4. Any document or tutorial that helps in understanding how flent at
architecture level work?

Thanks and Regards
Sahil Gupta
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