Pete Heist <> writes:

> Currently, the output filenames for batches always include batch_time:
>     def gen_filename(self, settings, batch, argset, rep):
>         filename = "batch-%s-%s-%s" % (
>             settings.BATCH_NAME,
>             batch['batch_time'],
>             batch.get('filename_extra', "%s-%s" % (argset, rep))
>         )
>         return clean_path(filename)
> On one hand, this ensures that output filenames are unique, but on the
> other hand, one can't create stable links to the output filenames that
> don't change between runs, for example in a static HTML or markdown
> file.
> What I could do is add a filename_no_time or similar parameter that if
> set to anything "truthy" (maybe if s in [ '1', 'true', 'yes' ]),
> excludes the time from the filename, then it's up to people to
> properly set filename_extra.
> Would you be ok if I do that, or do you have any other suggestions for
> this?


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