Rich Brown <> writes:

> Hmmm... The `` information
> appears in the command-line summary but not in the charts. Is this
> correct?
> If so, the charts display significantly different latency depending on
> which -H host gets used. The Terminal display (bottom) shows fairly
> consistent ping times and transfer rate measurements using either of
> the two hosts.
> This raises two questions:
> 1. Could flent charts use the `--test-parameter=ping_hosts=...` instead of 
> values from the -H host? 

Well, it should probably show both by default. For now, there's a
separate plot type you can use to see the extra flows (-p ping_extra).

> 2. Why is there a discrepency between the
> `--test-parameter=ping_hosts=...` reading (showing 30-38 msec in my
> tests) and a separate, concurrent fping test (see original post, where
> it was running 20-22 msec)?

Good question. IPv4 vs IPv6 maybe?

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