Rich Brown <> writes:

> Here's an RRUL plot from my 7mbps/768kbps DSL circuit. The download
> has good granularity, while the upload plot seems only to have a
> half-dozen data points. This makes it seem faulty, or somehow
> different/disconnected from the other two plots.
> I think I once saw a justification for the appearance of the upload
> plot, but I didn't understand it when I read it, and can't find it
> again to review.

Well, it's not really by design, but it's the best we can do with
current tools, unfortunately. Basically, the problem is the way netperf
determines its data output intervals in demo mode: It sends a certain
number of bytes, and waits for that to complete before outputting
anything. And, well, if the link is really slow, this takes a while, so
we don't get a data point until it's done...

> If this behavior is expected, let's document the reason.

Any suggestions as for where to put this so it's easy to find?

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