Using Flent 1.9.9-git-67ac0f7 on macOS 10.12.6:

There are two visual problems with the Flent GUI on my Mac:

1. By default, Flent opens up using a large font. Choosing View / Refresh Plot 
changes the plot to use a smaller font, and the plots fill more of the space 
2. Moving the mouse over the plots (without clicking) causes the plots to 
disappear. View / Refresh Plot restores them.

Here's the Youtube of what happens:

And here's the command line:

bash-3.2$ flent --gui rrul_be-2019-09-19T102325.892621.Rich_Test.flent.gz
Started Flent 1.9.9-git-67ac0f7 using Python 3.7.3.
Initialised matplotlib v3.1.1 on numpy v1.17.2.
GUI loaded. Using Qt through pyqt5 v5.13.0.

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