Running flent as in
 flent -H -l 60 -s 1 tcp_download

In the resulting output, 

SERIES_META doesn't have the required fields
    "SERIES_META": {
      "Ping (ms) ICMP": {}, 
      "TCP download": {}

Earlier, SERIES_META used to have something like,
"SERIES_META": {\n      "Ping (ms) ICMP": {\n        "MAX_VALUE": 4.043, \n     
   "MEAN_VALUE": 1.935, \n        "MIN_VALUE": 0.115, \n        "UNITS": "ms"\n 
     }, \n      "TCP download": {\n        "MEAN_VALUE": 9931.61, \n        
"UNITS": "Mbits/s"\n      }\n    }

flent version being used is 1.3.0

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