hi All , 

i have the same problem to manipulate the compiled SWF  and recompile it 
back to SWF and deply to production.
I had tried 2 options but no luck on both the options.

1) converting swf to fla to AS3 , i was able to edit the AS3 file , then I 
am not able to move forward to create the new FLA & new SWF file.
2) converting swf to flex project and importing to flex builder , then 
while publishing it says that i dod not main MXML file to get new SWF.

If u had any known options to achieve this , please let me know ,  i will 
be monitoring the thread!..

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 4:46:46 PM UTC-5, Surendra Chintham wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have found this conversion when i tried to find out solution for the 
> same problem(SWF files are in production and I don't have back for them to 
> edit and do change order.)
> As per this conversion and info on some websites like SOTHINK.com,what i 
> understood is we can get AS files using any de-compiler.
> My question is how Does these converted AS files will useful for knowing 
> original MXML code?
> Can you please suggest me on this, i hope you might have an idea about the 
> conclusion to this problem as you faced it earlier.
> On Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 7:34:09 PM UTC+5:30, Ramya Arumugam wrote:
>> Thank yor for ur reply. 
>> How to decompile the MXML into AS? 
>> and 
>> How will get the original code of MXML? 
>> Thanks, 
>> Ramya 
>> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Devaraj<nsde...@gmail.com> wrote: 
>> > 
>> > SWF cannot be decompiled to MXML: 
>> > Reason, whether MXML or AS you used as source, it is converted to AS 
>> > at compile time (on pre compilation). 
>> > 
>> > Result: you can see only AS output on decompilation. 
>> > Regards, 
>> > Devaraj 
>> > 
>> > On Jul 16, 6:47 pm, Ramya Arumugam <friendramya2...@gmail.com> wrote: 
>> >> Hi All, 
>> >> 
>> >> I have created a mxml file using Adobe Flex Builder and moved the 
>> >> compiled swf file into our tomcat sever and other files were storing @ 
>> >> my desktop. 
>> >> 
>> >> Last week, i have formated my deskop and lost all mxml files. I dont 
>> >> have any back ups for the mxml file. 
>> >> 
>> >> Now i need to do some changes on the mxml file. But right now i have 
>> >> only swf file. 
>> >> 
>> >> Is any possible there to conver the swf into mxml with old format? 
>> >> 
>> >> Please let me know your reply....... 
>> >> 
>> >> Thanks, 
>> >> Ramya 
>> > > 
>> > 

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