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> First I need to apologize ...

Accepted by me, at least, no problem.

> So, I installed flexbackup almost 3 months ago.  It worked perfectly!  I
> never had any problems with it until one day and all of a sudden I
> started getting the message "Out of memory" after flexbackup runs for
> about 20 minutes.  So, the following is the actual output from a
> semi-interactive run from cli.  Btw, it doesn't matter which set I try
> and run.  I get the same results for every set.
... snip

This may be of little help to you, BUT:

I've been using flexbackup for several years and have never seen your
problem.  My setup is different, and accesses a remote machine via NFS
and my 10 MB network, so it is quite slow.  You seem to have 1 GB RAM and 2
GB Swap, and four processors (drool :-)).  The suggestion that I have is: 
try a setup for the local machine only and see if that works:- that will
separate the local/remote issues.  Possibly try refreshing software:  I
have had a very odd experience (SuSE8.2) totally unrelated to flexbackup,
which cause a system-lockup when deleting several hundred files (junk
emails).  That has gone away after a reload of the software.  Your problem
seems to be afio, which I also use and with which I have had no problems.

Sorry, best that I can suggest, good luck

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