ok, so flexbackup seems to work fine AND dandy all day long doing backups..
Im backing up to a directory mounted elsewhere
gentoo samba # ls
00-index-key                      home-jason.0.200510052033.tar.gz  
home-jason.0.200510052030.tar.gz  home-jason.1.200510052032.tar.gz

and I can view stuff in the archives.. thats great.

how the heck do I restore file(s)?!?

for instance..

gentoo flexbackup # pwd
gentoo flexbackup # zgrep -i beatles *.gz
jasonhome.0.200510052033.gz:./The Beatles - Get Back.mp3
jasonhome.latest.gz:./The Beatles - Get Back.mp3
gentoo flexbackup # 

so how do I restore that? or how do I restore a folder in my dir? src for 
gentoo flexbackup # zgrep -i src *.gz

flexbackup -extract -onefile src 
doesnt work.

flexbackup -extract -onefile ./The Beatles - Get Back.mp3
doesnt work.

gentoo flexbackup # flexbackup -extract -onefile The Beatles - Get Back.mp3

flexbackup version 1.2.1 (http://flexbackup.sourceforge.net)
/etc/flexbackup.conf syntax OK

| Checking /bin/sh on this machine... bash1
| Logging output to "flexbackup.extract.200510052105.log"
Error: when extracting from a file, you must specify file name.
(like "-list file.tar.bz2")
Died at /usr/bin/flexbackup line 3741.
gentoo flexbackup # 

whats the correct syntax?


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