Thanks David, I will try ...

David Scott Coburn a écrit :

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 05:46, Philippe AMIOT wrote:

I have a crash disk, I LOST ALL MY DATA

and I try to recover it, bur I have some problèmes, maybe you could help me please !

I want only recover /var/spool/mail !


I am not sure this will help, but when I want to do a restore this is
what I do:

(My backups are stored on disk, not tapes, so you will have to modify this

root> cd /backups/x22c/images
root> flexbackup -c ../flexbackup.conf -list home.2.20021126.afio-gz | 
/backups/restore/ scott > fred

The flexbackup.conf file is stored in the directory above the directory where
my images are.  The '' perl script is just a simple script to find
all of the files in the -list output which are in a particular subdirectory.  I
use it so that I don't have to do so much hand editing of the -list output.
This is the perl script:


# extract list of files in a given subdirectory in the 'flexbackup -list'
# stream on sdtin.
# flexbackup -list afio-archive-name | subdirname > files

use strict;

my $dir;

$dir = shift @ARGV;  # get subdirectory name from command line

while (<>) {
   if (/.*[\s]($dir\/.*)/) {
       print "$1\n";

Once you have the file 'fred' with the list of files in the subdirectory
you can further edit it to leave only the particular files you want (or
not, so you can extract all of the files in the subdirectory).

Then I do this:

root> flexbackup -c ../flexbackup.conf -extract home.2.20021126.afio-gz -flist 

This has always worked for me.



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