Thanks for your reply. I've been researching the problem since I was using tar and I thought this would be solved in recent backup utilities. It is not that difficult to implement, I can't believe that it has not been addressed.


Charlie Brady wrote:
On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Pablo Godel wrote:

I am testing flexbackup. I've set type "star" and run the following command:

flexbackup -set server

Then, added a file, and run
flexbackup -set server -incremental

the new file appears in the incremental backup

Then, I removed the file.

When I extract the files from each backup file, I end up with the file 
that was deleted.

AIUI, that's just how incremental backup/restore works.

How can I get to delete those files that have been deleted in between
incremental backups?

I take it you mean "automatically".

The incremental backup would also need to contain information about files
which had been deleted since the previous incremental. That would mean
that the file system would need to hold information about previously
deleted files, which in general it doesn't. Or the backup system would
need to take a snapshot of all the directories at each backup.


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