brian wrote:
I'm trying to back up a remote machine over SSH. The set is "xxx:/". The
prune for "xxx:/" is "tmp sys mnt proc dev".

When I test the configuration with -type filelist, I get

ERROR: non-zero exit from:
ssh xxx cd "/" && find . -regex
"\./\(lost\+found\|sys\|proc\|dev\|mnt\|tmp\)/.*" -prune -o -xdev ! -type
s ! -regex ".*/[Cc]ache/.*" ! -regex
".*~"$ -print > /tmp/27977/filelist.27977; cat /tmp/27977/filelist.27977
1>&2; cat /tmp/27977/filelist.27977 | gzip -4; x=([EMAIL PROTECTED]); i=0;
while [ $i -lt [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]; do [ ${x[$i]} -eq 0 ] || exit ${x[$i]};
i=$(($i+1)); done

The error was

bash: line 1: /tmp/27977/filelist.27977: No such file or directory
cat: /tmp/27977/filelist.27977: No such file or directory
cat: /tmp/27977/filelist.27977: No such file or directory
0+1 records in
0+1 records out

It looks like flexbackup created a directory in the local /tmp and then
tried to redirect some output on the remote machine to a nonexistent
directory in the remote /tmp. Am I making some mistake?

Hi. I'm also got this error and I don't know what that mean.
Is this really bad?


Maxim Kudelya.
Lingnu Open Source Consulting.

--- cut here ---
Total bytes written: 179484600320 (168GiB, 4.7MiB/s)
Kilobytes Out 121862790

ERROR: non-zero exit from:
cd "/" && sudo find . -regex "\./\(sys\|proc\|tmp\)/.*" -prune -o ! -fstype proc ! -fstype devpts ! -fstype devfs ! -fstype tmpfs ! -type s ! -regex ".*/[Cc]ache/.*" ! -regex ".*~"$ -print0 | tar --create --null --files-from=- --ignore-failed-read --same-permissions --no-recursion --totals --label "level 0 / Thu Mar 30 00:10:10 2006 tar+gzip from fileserver" --verbose --sparse -b 20 --file - | gzip -6 | buffer -m 10m -p 75 -s 10k -t -u 100 -B -o "/dev/nst0"

ERROR: exiting
--- cut here ---

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