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I recently tried to set up flexbackup on my linux pc to connect with rsh (brrr :-/) to a remote sgi machine and write a backup on a locally installed tape drive. At first, everything looks good: find, gtar, mt and mbuffer are found on both machines, the collection is built with find and the first first directories are written to tape. After a while no further files are being read (and displayed) and after some more minutes the backup ends without an errormessage. A run with the backuptype -filelist shows that my selection/prune configuration should be ok. I played a bit around with mbuffer and discovered that more files get transfered with a bigger buffer - but still the backup stops at some point. Any ideas how to solve this? Btw: the backup of local files on the linux pc works very well! Please help, I'd apreciate any comment to push me in the right direction. :-)

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