I posted this on Friday but haven't seen it appear on the list yet...

I've seen problems with level 0/1 dumps discussed quite a bit in the
archives, but not in the same configuration as I'm using.

I can get differentials to work if the server and client are both
Linux (RHEL 4, in my case). If the client is Solaris 8, the level 1
dumps produce an empty tarball. I should note that I've hardcoded both
'find' and 'tar' to GNU versions of these commands on the Solaris 8
box (both are the latest available GNU versions - 1.15.1 & 4.2.27,

  $path{'tar'} = '/usr/local/bin/tar';
  $path{'find'} = '/usr/local/bin/find';

Here's what I'm doing:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] flexbackup -type tar -level full -dir
otherhost:/my/mount/point -device /some/local/dir

Then I run this:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] flexbackup -type tar -level differential -dir
otherhost:/my/mount/point -device /some/local/dir

Again, this seems to only be a problem if the client is Solaris 8. Are
there some other GNU utils I should install on the Solaris client?



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