hi!, i m Gabriel, from Argentina, i suscribe to this group becouse i m 
having problem with my backup task :s and i am a little crazy with this 
at this point.
I m using Flexbackup to make an /etc backup:

flexbackup -dir /etc

Ok. No problems with that. But, when i put that in crontab, the backup 
dosent finish correctly.
It start making the file, but it dont finish.

And here is the log:

| Doing level 0 backup of /etc using tar
| Found directory index key 200810011200
| Backup of: /etc
| Date of this level 0 backup: Wed Oct 01 13:16:02 2008
| Date of last level 0 backup: the epoch
| cd "/etc" && /tmp/collectexit.31097.sh find . -depth -xdev ! -type s ! \
|   -regex ".*/[Cc]ache/.*" ! -regex ".*~"$ -print0 | \
|   /tmp/collectexit.31097.sh tar --create --null --files-from=- \
|   --ignore-failed-read --same-permissions --no-recursion --totals 
--label \
|   "level 0 /etc Wed Oct 01 13:16:02 2008 tar+gzip from mail.uvcms.com" \
|   --verbose --sparse -b 20 --file - | /tmp/collectexit.31097.sh gzip 
-4 | \
|   /tmp/collectexit.31097.sh buffer -m 10m -p 75 -s 10k -t -o \
|   "/BACKUP/etc.0.200810011316.tar.gz"
| [ ! -e /tmp/exitstatus.31097 ]

I look for the /tmp/exitstatus.31097 file, and it contains:

tar --create --null --files-from=- --ignore-failed-read 
--same-permissions --no-recursion --totals --label level 0 /etc Wed Oct 
01 13:16:02 2008 tar+gzip from mail.uvcms.com --verbose --sparse -b 20 
--file -
buffer -m 10m -p 75 -s 10k -t -o /BACKUP/etc.0.200810011316.tar.gz

Please, if somebody have some idea about this, tell me.



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