I have an HP DAT 72 USB drive model C7438A.
I have followed the instructions provided by HP for configuring the tape 
drive and everything *seems* to be in place.
I say seems because flexbackup --test-tape-drive fails all the 
time.After some debugging and losing quite a couple of hours i was 
trying to write files by hand to the tape after which i would execute 
the command:
mt -f /dev/st0 tell
and the result is allways: At block 0.
No matter how many files I write or whatever I do the result i get is 
allways At block 0.
In the begginging in used to erase the tape but it took so many hours 
(2h or so) that now i just rewind it but nevertheless the result was the 
Any ideas how to solve this and finnaly start making some backups?

Kind Regards,

João Seabra

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