Quoting "Niall Brosnan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> This is more likely to be a user account problem than a flexbackup problem.
> Do you mean flexbackup runs OK when run from the command line at the remote
> machine?

No - at the local machine.

> As which user? Do you mean flexbackup succesfully backs up the remote
> machine when
> run locally?

As root - flexbackup is installed on one machine only and accesses  
three (four if you count one that is never done automatically) other  
machines by ssh.

> You need to make sure you are connecting to the remote machine as the user
> that
> you expect to be running flexbackup.

I am.

> Has that user got permission to run it,
> and is
> that the same user that you are testing manually at the remote end.

Yes to all. flexbackup runs as root locally and uses ssh to get into  
all machines as root.

> Check the auth logs on the remote machine to see if there's any difference.

The auth logs indicate "failed password for root". However, if I ssh  
manually, I don't get prompted for one. The auth logs show "Accepted  
publickey for root" - just what I expect - and it works also when I  
run flexbackup manually.

The problem I face is, you cannot increase the verbosity of ssh as  
called by flexbackup - if I could do that I could see more about why  
it is failing.

Phil Reynolds
Web: http://www.tinsleyviaduct.com/phil/
Waltham 66, Emley Moor 69, Droitwich 79, Windows 95

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