I'm in trouble with a 920 internal SAS Hp.
I installed several flexbackup since 2003 with several hardware device 
(DAT scsi/usb, Ultrium2/3/4 , sony ait).
Now I have some problem with this Hp.

With each configuration I have the sam error:
  writing to `/dev/nst0': Input/output error

using tar o afio, compression o not compression.

The mystery is that using the same command used by flexbackup I haven't 
For example if I try to execute this command from shell I have not problem:

cd "/tmp" && /tmp/collectexit.2376.sh find . -depth -xdev ! -type s 
-print0 | /tmp/collectexit.2376.sh tar --create --null --files-from=- 
--ignore-failed-read --same-permissions --no-recursion --totals --label 
"level 0 /tmp Tue Mar 15 12:21:18 2011 tar from server" --verbose 
--sparse -b 64 --file - | /tmp/collectexit.2376.sh dd ibs=32k obs=32k 
conv=noerror,sync of="/dev/nst0"

While using flexbackup I have this error :
dd: writing to `/dev/nst0': Input/output error
dd: closing output file `/dev/nst0': Input/output error

Could someone help me?

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