I'm setting up flexbackup with afio and ran into the .gvfs problem.

.gvfs is the mount point of a FUSE filesystem mounted by Gnome 
in users' home directories and the kernel prevents all other users 
*including* root from even "stat"-ing this directory.

When flexbackup runs find, find dies when encountering this 
mount point.

The only published workaround that I found was to unmount all 
.gvfs mounts prior to running flexbackup. This is not acceptable.

Trying to add the directory as a $prune entry was not successful.

However, adding 
$exclude_expr[0] = '.*/\.gvfs$';
did the trick. 

find does not try to stat or descend into this directory any more.

Adding /home/ to the front of the regex did not work, I do not
understand why. But the above is sufficient for me. 
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