Dear FlexBackup


I have been using FlexBackup successfully for the past 8 years on Ubuntu
10.04, 12.04 and 14.04 TLS.


I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 TLS and noticed a strange


When I extract the zipped file, duplicate files are reported in the
destination folder.


I have attached the following files included in the WinRAR zipped file


1.       Flexbackup.conf

2.       The original /test folder I backed up

3.       The backup file: test.0.201611241425.tar.gz

4.       A screen capture of the terminal window of the backup process (text

5.       The extracted folder: test.0.201611241425



When I extracted the backup file I choose an option to rename duplicate

In the original folder, there is only one file (eg. Level 6). The file in
the extracted folder level6(5) is therefore the 5th copy of the file.

I noticed that as I drilled deeper into the directories, that the number of
copies increases. Meening that in 

level 2 there are now 3 copies of the file

level 3 there are now 4 copies of the file

level 4 there are now 5 copies of the file and so on.


After I noticed this problem, I did a fresh install of UBUNTU 16.04 TLS on a
different machine and got the same results.


On UBUNTU 14.04 LTS it still works perfectly.


Would you kindly investigate this matter and let me know.


Kind regards





Stephan Cilliers 

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